Charred cabbage salad with citrus & mint.

After thinking back on how we devoured two charred cabbage salad’s at Charbar for a gf’s birthday the other night, I decided I had to find a way to make my own!! Looking over their delicious menu I read: charred napa cabbage, avocado, toasted seeds, citrus & mint salad…couldn’t be that hard right?….It didn’t quite taste the same but was just as freaking delicious!! Making. This. Again. And again….

Charred cabbage, citrus & mint salad

1/2 head green or napa cabbage cut lengthwise (use a full head if you’re serving like 6 or more..)

1 avocado, diced in cubes 

1/4 cup feta, cubed 

1/8 cup (small handful) fresh mint, finely diced 

1/4 cup toasted pumpkin seeds (or almonds, walnuts, pecans or pine nuts will work)

1 mandarine orange, segmented (cut beside each membrane to remove the segment) 

2 green onions, diced 

Soak the cabbage in water for a few mins then top with olive oil & grill on medium high on the BBQ…grill each side for about 5-7 mins until charred. Cool then chop. Add to a large bowl, toss gently with the rest of the goodies…then dress it:


1/2 lemon, juiced 

1/2 lime, juiced 

1 small mandarine orange, juiced 

1 tsp honey mustard

1/2 tsp sugar or 1 tsp stevia 

2 tsp apple cider vinegar 

2-3 tbsp avocado oil 

Salt & pepper 

Put all your dressing ingredients into a small mason jar, secure with the lid and shake. Season to taste. 

Pour the dressing over the salad & toss gently! Sprinkle with more mint & green onions. Enjoy!!! People will probably ask you for the recipe!! 😉 


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