Friday funday mini desserts…

TGIF!!! And let’s face it, Friday is the best day and certainly the second best F word!! Haha!! Friday makes me think of treats so here’s a collection of the sweetest mini desserts ’cause, eff it…it’s Friday!! Haha! I scoured Pinterest for the cutest shot glass desserts…from peanut butter chocolate mousse to raspberry cheesecake, which one is your fave or would you you just say all of them?? Lol…Want even more? Check out 17 delicious ideas for mini shot glass desserts! So next time you’re done with your tequila shots, repurpose the glasses into one of these divine desserts!! 

I tried it by poking a hole in a warm cookie then filling the shot glass with milk and placing the cookie and a cute straw on top!! 

Then there’s these though…

Mini milkshakes!! Yum!! Rim the glasses with chocolate sauce so those sprinkles stick to the glass!! 

Graham crumbs, lemon curd & meringue – delish!!!

Cheesecakes with raspberry sauce!!

And of course one with chocolate!!…chocolate cake or brownies with chocolate peanut butter mousse…OMG!!

Search shot glass dessert on Pinterest or create your own with mason jars like these short strawberry shortcakes!! Cheers to the weekend!! 


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