DIY food & drink stations are so much fun! 

I love fun DIY food & drink stations!! And being in events; from mimosa and s’mores bars to cupcake, taco & waffles bars, I thought I had seen or done them all!! Hmmm not even close! Haha…So I just love Style me Pretty’s 30 mini food & drink bars…Why had I not thought of a chocolate bar yet?? Check it out for more fun, do-it-yourself custom food & drink bar/station ideas!! 

You can offer a few options & keep the bar simple or mix up the type of glassware, use different heights to display jugs of juices and vases of fruit & fun toppings! This Caesar bar was a fun DIY vacation drink station open all day – perfect! 

Or what about a lemonade bar or as always….the dreamy candy bar like this one, adding ribbon & tulips to make it even more pretty but some toppled candy dishes to make it a bit messy & fun! Hardest part was not eating all the candy!! 😉 I purposely left out using any Reese’s peanut butter candies for that reason! Lol..

Wait oooor…a chocolate dipped strawberry bar!!!! I did for a valentine’s party with dark, milk & white chocolate with skor bits, coconut & crushed peanuts !!..but smash up any of your fave chocolate bars and mix and match for endless combos of total strawberry chocolate decadence! 


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