Steal worthy name cards 

With wedding & grad season in full effect, I’m feeling a bit special event nostalgic after making long service award name cards on Saturday! I started realizing that this time last year I was in wedding & grad season craziness!! Since that’s not the case this year I can relish in wedding & grad season beauty by showing off some of my favourite cute name card ideas!! 

Gorgeous hand written tags on Rosemary! Can’t print like that? Find someone on Etsy or Fiverr to hand write & print the labels for you! 

Print & cut them out yourself & place inside succulent plants! 

Stamp names & place them in a vase for their very own little floral centrepiece!! (Perfect for smaller events)..

I love this inside a wine cork! Great idea Wolffer Estate! 

So pretty!! I’d love my name like that on a plate!! Have a matching cake topper in that writing made for even more sophisticated detail! I’m doing an Alice in Wonderland theme for my daughter’s fourth birthday & I can just see her cake topped with ‘Eat Me’ in that die cut writing!! Getting it on Etsy! 

Or pillows! How freaking cute!!! 

Shut the front door these are even more cute!! Haha 😉

A perfectly edible & party ready macaroon! 

Sweet peonies & name tags inside chocolate cupcakes!! Peonies & chocolate cupcakes, my faves! 

Another fave…champagne! What a way to welcome guests!! Love it! This is fab for any event or party – really! Greeted with champagne is always a nice touch! 

Did this one with my CS team for a candy decor table competition we won, I mean any time your guests can eat or take home their name card, they’ll be happy!!! 

The long service award guests loved their place card, who doesn’t want their name in chocolate!?? 

So many cute name card ideas! Happy wedding, grad, award – ahh just happy event season!! 😉 


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