Must try! 


Just saw this on Instagram & had to share!!! Roasted grapes? Who knew?? Follow this for a crostini‘s dream topping! It would work with buffalo mozzarella, cream cheese, goat cheese and as the Insta pic suggests, burrata or ricotta! All of those sound delish, delish, delish! 

And here are some other delicious crostini ideas that will leave your guests super impressed!! 

Peas, mint, parmesan & olive oil..ricotta and cherries with crushed pistachio…procuitto & fig…or avocado is yummy with just sea salt & chilies…and also soft goat cheese gets topped with shaved cucumber & pepper or grilled peaches with mint…next tomatoes with pesto & parmasan…zucchini peels & grilled corn with feta…soft boiled egg meets dill and potato and last but not least..sweet pears & hazelnuts get drizzled with honey!! Oh my, which will you try? 

All of them?? For a party why not? It’s like pretty edible party favours!! 😉 



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