Sesame noodle salad 


fun summer salad that’s got a sweet sesame flavour that covers the rice noodles & fresh veg!! I pre-cooked and cooled a half package of rice noddles and in a large bowl tossed it with shaved carrots, halved cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber and peas. Tossed in the sesame peanut dressing I topped it with chopped green onions & cashews! (Use peanuts or sesame seeds if you prefer)!

Sesame peanut dressing 

1/4 cup rice wine vinegar 

3 tbsp sesame oil 

1 tbsp smooth peanut butter

1 tbsp soya sauce 

1/2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 

1 tbsp honey mustard 

1/2-1 tsp sambal garlic chilli paste 

Salt & pepper to taste 

Whenever I make dressings I don’t exactly measure it out but just use my taste and the rule that it should be about 2 parts oil to one part vinegar. I’m using about half & half because the noodles soak up liquid like crazy so it needs a bit more vinegar to really get the flavour! 
Just throw the ingredients in a small jar, close the lid and shake! Adjust to taste and add more of any of the ingredients to taste! 

Pour over the noodles, toss & enjoy!! 


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