The macaroon of your dreams! 

Macaroons are what sweet dreams are made of! Although perfected in France, Laduree in Rome near the Spanish Steps did a pretty amazing job!!! Soft, chewy with a luscious creamy canter – these babies were perfect! 

 Food TV always has you covered and has a great Macaroon recipe you can try at home!! But if you’re like me & prefer the perfect confection remain a cafe shop treat rather than making it at home, Rome’s or the Original Laduree was among the best I’ve had!!! I only had to travel to the other side of the World to get it!!…So I enjoyed it!! When in Rome!!..or Paris, or New York or Calgary! I haven’t found one in my city Calgary here that was quite as good but now I’m on a hunt! I’m so on the hunt! 
I loved their rose petal, salted caramel cream & their pistachio macaroons but I could have enjoyed them all! Enjoyed them all! 


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