Love these little appie ideas! 

Love these ideas for a party, a brunch, a birthday…a whatever – let’s eat party food – weekend!!! These are such clever little bites!! Mini chicken & waffles – done! Want these!!! 

  Mini mozzarella, salami, basil & tomato skewers drizzled with pesto! Mmm..

Such a cute brunch idea – mini French toast bites!! 

 Slider burger bites!  Yum, ooh & I see guac!…and with no bun they could be gluten free!!


Ok these are adorable! Gourmet little bites like blue cheese & fig, smoked salmon & pineappe (I’d grill it first!) and watermelon, basil & feta!! Perfect party bites!!  


Cute little chicken salad on green apples with pecan – an updated little classic! 

 Oooh mini spaghetti fork rolls – clever!!! 

K now I need a party to attend so I can make one of these lovely little bites!! 


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  1. howtostuffyourpig says:

    My husband loves chicken and waffles! Turning into small bites is a great idea! 🙂

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