Peanut butter rice crispie squares..


Ok so I have admitted my obsession with peanut butter & chocolate so I’m always thinking of ways to add either into my treats & desserts!…My 2 year old wanted marshmallows & hot chocolate one night so after using three in her drink, the logical use for the remaining hundred & three in the bag?!…rice crispie squares!!…enter obsession number one: peanut butter!…result? Pure rice crispie marshmallow peanut butter heaven! 

My peanut butter Rice Crispie squares

1/4 cup butter 

1/4 cup smooth peanut butter 

3/4 bag mini marshmallows 

Approx 4 cups Rice crispie cereal 

In a large non-stick pot on medium low heat, melt butter with peanut butter and mix until smooth! Add the marshmallows stirring constantly until smooth. Add the cereal in about a cup at a time, mixing off the heat to combine. Add Rice crispies until it comes together with a good ratio of gooey marshmallows & cereal. Pour mixture into a greased 9” x 9” square pan & with buttered hands pat the squares nicely into the pan. Let cool in the fridge to set then cut into squares! 



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