Cute snack ideas! (Oooh & kid friendly)

How cute is this??….Little apple slices with a spread of peanut butter – ooooh or try almond or cashew butter – topped with: coconut, mini chocolate chips, chopped cashews, granola, yum or Skor bits, graham cracker crumbs…whatever little tid bits you want to top them with!!…perfect little snacks for little hands, like my two year old!!!…but shhhh I like them too.


Or these little graham crackers dipped in chocolate with coconut…a Martha Stewart idea!…


My daughter’s not a huge fan of veg so snuck into things is perfect….cream cheese balls rolled with grated carrot & shredded cheddar go along great with grapes & whole grain crackers!…

A more ‘grown up version’ would be the softened cream cheese mixed with the grated carrot & cheddar but with added chopped chives, some diced pickled, finely chopped salami, a few shakes of dried dill and a dash or two of hot sauce!!…rolled in chopped nuts, those cheese balls would be eeeevennnn yummier right?!..



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