Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Fudge Cupcakes {AP Flour and GF Version}


Oh my do I want to try these!!!! They look freaking delish!!!

Sweet And Crumby

What words do you think of when you stare wantonly at these cupcakes?


Lascivious? Devilish? Crazy amazing? Then you are absolutely on the right track my friends. These are ALL THAT and more. I never even pretend to be humble when it comes to my mad baking skills. What could be better to drool over and scarf down than a dark chocolate DIPPED, peanut butter cream cheese frosted, Devil’s food cupcake? Really…nothing. Nothing. At. All.

The cake is rich, chocolatey and completely soft and tender heaven. The frosting’s creamy, sweet and a tad salty and then, as if it is not already the Queen of cupcakes, it gets a nice chocolatey bath. So, here you go, with the recipe, details and anything you would need to recreate these.


And, when you are face first in your third cupcake and you are beginning to shout obscenities at me from where ever…

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