White Wine Kiwi-Apple Sangria

MK: Looks like a fab remix to the classic sangria!!

Mama's Gotta Bake

T’aint nothing better on a scorching summer’s day here in the San Fernando Valley than a couple of your closest girlfriends and a big pitcher of sangria. Because what else do women like to do but talk and drink lots of wine. We will, of course be discussing many pertinent political and social issues, but I felt we needed something cool and refreshing to aide in our verbal discourse.

As most of my buddies know, Mama isn’t much of a drinker. I will tell you this though, my favorite drink back in the day was called a Tom Collins. Those of you born after 1978 will have no idea what that is, but it was quite popular  back in the days of Donna Summer and disco.

Sangria however, is a fruit punch that has its roots in Spain and is served in those warm summer months as a cooling refreshment. …

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