Watermelon jalapeño limeade

Refreshingly different……with a kick!!

While watching Eat St. I saw one of the trucks serving watermelon jalapeño drinks so I thought why not try making it?!!….I did and it was delicious!!

With the sweet juicy taste of watermelon and the tart lemon and lime, the jalapeño is the perfect little bit of unexpected kick!! Sooo refreshing on a hot day on its own or better yet with a little rum, vodka (yum lemon flavoured maybe?)…or even triple sec. Hello summer days on the patio with a perfect refreshing drink…

Watermelon jalapeño limade 

2 lemons juiced

2 limes juiced 

1/2 a large watermelon cut up 

1 small jalapeño seeded and diced 

4 tbsp sugar 

With your palm roll the lemons and limes back and forth on the counter to release the juice within. Either with your hands (watch the seeds) or with a juicer squeeze the citrus juice into a blender. Add the cut watermelon and the jalapeño  Blend well then strain before serving. Pour over ice with or without the alcohol!…and garnish with a wedge of lime. 

Yummy summer cocktail!!!



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