Ten versatile s…

Ten versatile spices…..my must have’s in the pantry!

10. Paprika….use in chicken rubs, Mexican dishes, on ribs or in stir-frys…

9. Oregano…I put it in chilli, ground beef mixes for burritos or in cous cous and veggie mixes to stuff peppers and zucchini..

8. Ground ginger….I use it with butter to top salmon, curries or in stir-fry’s when I’m out of fresh…

7. Seasoning salt….good on steaks, baked fries (ooooh try baking carrot sticks or sweet potato like fries), stir-fry’s with sausages or chicken and in your flour for dredging your fried items (chicken of course but think zucchini slices or pickles)

6. Rosemary…super yummy on fries, baked cubed potato, sweet potato, brussle sprouts or in soups with sausage or any kind of chicken dish…

5. Garlic salt and/or onion salt….meatballs, pasta sauces, stir-fry’s and anything with meat!…Use em’ together on almost anything!

4. . Cumin…great for chicken, chilli, burrito mixes and soups with veggies, beans or even sausages

3. Celery salt….super versatile, I use it in almost everything I cook, soups, veggies, potato salad, coleslaw, veggie dishes…lots of possibilities….

2. Steak spice…another one I seriously I add in a lot, eggs, potatoes, stir-fry’s with sausage, chicken or beef, on steak of course but also in my avocado when making a quick guacamole. Great in chilli and anything Mexican too! A serious wonder spice!

1. The one and only original: salt & pepper….use it to season everything and any time you add a few new ingredients to a dish….every time you add something it need more seasoning and flavour! Use alone to flavour or with any of these top spices for so much added yum!

For fresh herbs I always use basil – great in pasta sauce, pizza sauce & on top, in soups, blended with olive oil, garlic & lemon juice to sauce chicken or in bruchetta!!…

…Runner up: dill….I get the tubed on & squeeze in mashed potatoes, coleslaw, mixed with Greek yogurt, salt & pepper and garlic podwer for a dip or inside veggie stir frys…


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